Warning for Exhibitors!

International Fairguide Charged With Fraud in US

There are a variety of third parties that contact exhibitors for entries into show guides.  An example of one such guide is Fairguide and more recently Expo-Guide.

Some SSPC2017 exhibitors have been approached by Fairguide, a company that proposes to list companies in a guidebook to exhibitions. It sounds like a great opportunity but please be aware that this is a scam.  Do not complete the forms they send. If you have already done so, refuse to pay the invoice they send. Please notify us at if you are contacted.

The Association of Event Organizers (AEO) reports the latest news in the international Fairguide scam is that Wolfgang Valvoda from Construct Data in Slovakia has been charged with fraud in the US by a Grand Jury in Illinois. It has been estimated that Construct Data has defrauded 1000 victims out of over $2 million across the US. More information can be found at


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